Episode 27

Bonus Episode: The Makings of a National Place-Based Movement


February 19th, 2021

34 mins 8 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

The research is clear: for too many Americans, zip codes determine destinies. In other words, the places in which we are born and grow up have a greater impact on our life outcomes than any other single determinant, including genetics. But is there a new movement taking place in community development, philanthropy, and policy that is responding to the overwhelming evidence of the importance of place in fighting poverty? In this bonus episode of This is Community we hear from Geoffrey Canada, Founder and President of the Harlem Children’s Zone; Carol Naughton, President and Interim CEO of Purpose Built Communities; and Kwame Owusu-Kesse, CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone who are coming together to answer this question. This conversation was moderated by Othello Meadows, Managing Director, Portfolio Strategy & Initiatives at Blue Meridian, and took place in late 2020 at the Purpose Built Communities Virtual Annual Conference.